Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Florida training 10-11

In Florida in October, we did orientation with Wycliffe. We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know others who attended with us and hearing their stories of how God led them to be involved in missions! Two families are headed to Vanuatu, praise God! And we learned that Vanuatu is in the top 20 countries most needing Bible translation, so we can use you too; come on over!!

All the attendees.  Their largest group yet!
Presenting the ministry.
All those going to Vanuatu, Lord-willing!  
The Team
 Displays about Bible translation issues in what they call the Discovery Center.  
 Various words for "to carry" in a language.  They're all different based on what you're carrying and how - just imagine learning all of those!

 Displays of John 3:16 in various languages with translated New Testaments around the world.  You can see the verse in each language, hear it read by a native speaker, and see a model of a real person from the language group.
 All the languages of the world - the language tree.
The founder of Wycliffe.

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