Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby Shower

We had a really fun baby shower for Gretch on the Wycliffe campus where we're staying.  It was so fun to have so many friends in one place for a few hours, celebrating the soon-to-be-birth of Kaiden!
 We all opened someone else's present simultaneously and shared it with the group.  Way more fun than opening one-by-one!
Kristen, Joanna, Addy, Gretch, Rosemary, Amelie, Janet, Sarah, Pat
 Me, Aurore, Lola, Fiona, Dolly
 Sara, Kristen, Joanna, Addy, Gretch, Gwen, Rosemary
 Kristen and I
 Emiline, Hannah, Kristen, me
 Sara and Kirsty
 Rosemary (R) is the pastor's wife at a church that has been awesome prayer and financial support - Grace West in Hillside.
 Pat's kids came and the boys and Si had a good time running around during the shower.  Sam, Josh, Si.
 All the lovely ladies.
Kirsty, Sarah, Emiline, Pat, Jackie, Kristen, Rosemary, Gretch, Janet, Fiona, Sara, Dolly, Me
Jenny Ann, Joanna, Hannah, Debra, Lola, Amelie, Ally, Aurore, Si, Sam
Emiline, Hannah, Gretch, Marie Clare, Ezekiel

Thanks to everyone who came and fellowshiped with us!

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