Monday, December 23, 2013

Teaching and...stuff

We helped out with some of the things on for Wycliffe Australia.  They have a yearly course called Probe, which is for people interested in possibly being a part of Bible Translation.  It offers a taste of the kind of training and work Bible translators are involved in.  I taught Phonetics, which is learning the sounds in languages of the world as well as individual symbols to represent them (the International Phonetic Alphabet).  Houghton taught Anthropology (culture and keys for observing an understanding it).  We enjoyed being able to help out and interact with people interested in missions.
 All the students stayed in the lodge I live in on the Wycliffe campus so it was nice to have evening and late-night talks about missions and God's work around the world as well!
 Assessing sound transcription and production individually at the end of the course.
Students and most of the instructors.

And now for the ...stuff.
Our hairy neighbors.
 Check out this size of this family meal!  We are LOVING getting to run to fast food every now and then here and the convenience of that (that we miss in Vanuatu).  I'm not sure who the headless weirdo is...  :)
With my friend Nadia that I met when I was a student in 2009 at an anthropology event at the (Egyptian) Coptic church.  It's been nice to have time to catch up with her while we're in Melbourne.

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