Monday, December 30, 2013


The kids have gotten to celebrate their birthdays in style with lots of friends here in Australia.  Gwen got to have a day at the zoo, Si had a camping sleepover, and well, Addy got to go to a friend's party.  Her birthday is in March so she'll celebrate in Vanuatu.  And of course, Kaiden had a BIRTH day here too!

At Addy's friend's party:
 Meridith (one of the birthday girls) and Addy - two unusually colored kitties!
 Jamie, Si, Marshall, Ella, Grace
 Gwen, Kristen, Meridith, Addy, Lucy (the other birthday girl)
 Kristen painting Gwen's tiger face.
 Addy's kitty whiskers. 
 Si wanted to be a cheetah. 
 All the celebrants with Kristen, the birthday fairy diva.
 Barbie cake
 bouncing a ball on a sheet
 Pin the tail on the My Little Pony
 Kristen and Gretchen
 Fiona, Sara, Lola
me, Gretch
 Houghton, Don
Simon, Fiona, Mark, Lola

At Gwen's party:
Gwen's birthday was ages ago but we didn't really get to have a party for her or anything all that special in the village so she was to have something more planned in Melbourne.  She wanted to go to the zoo but it was so cold the first long while of us being here!  Then Ian (our builder friend who lives here) got us hooked up with tickets to the free-range zoo in Melbourne so we finally went this month!
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All you ever wanted (and didn't care) to see and know of giraffes.  Watch at your own risk (of wasting time if you aren't into giraffes).

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At Si's party:
(to be added later)

Kaiden's birth  day!:
Welcoming Kaiden Timothy Richards into the world November 26.
Houghton, Gwen, Gretch, Kaiden, Addy, Jesiah
  At the hospital - Addy, Kaiden, Gretch, me
Putting Kaiden in the hateful carseat for the first time.  Not his favorite place of course! 
The girls are very good sisters to him and are very helpful.

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