Friday, December 13, 2013

Roller Derby action

At the rollerskating rink for one of Jesiah's reading outings, I met some Roller Derby chicks. They informed me that there are bouts all over Melbourne so we decided we should go check it out.  It was a bit like hockey without the puck and stick and on skates; well, or maybe more like swimming just not in the water and with lots of physical interaction; or maybe more like football but with hilarious nicknames on the helmets...  So obviously, it was awesome.  Our friends Hannah and Emiline came with another of their friends.  If the leagues weren't done for the season, we would definitely go to another bout!
 sitting on the sidelines
 the Cutthroat Charmers rounding the track
 Dolly Rogers shaking hands before the bout
The Dolly Rogers gave out free barbies to little girls in the audience!

 Hought & Gwen
 Hannah and Gretch
 please notice the hilarious vender on skates behind Gretch

 Hannah and Kaiden cuddling.  He was only a few days old when we went to this!
 Gretch, Si, Emiline, Hannah, Kaiden
 shaking hands after the bout

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