Thursday, December 5, 2013

My parents were here! Part 4

And now....never before posted pics of my parents helping out on our house in the village...and a few other random things from their time with us in May-June!
 Si sweeping out their living/dining/school room.
Dad in the Richards' school room.
 Wire ties for the re-bar.
 Gretch and Addy filling block holes with cement.  Wall between school room and Hought/Gretchen's bedroom.
 Looking in to dining room towards bathroom.
 Everyone came over to check it out!
 Dad asking Hought technical questions.  In my kitchen/dining/living room.
 In the corner where the solar batteries will go.  G is in the doorway between our houses.  Dad is near the Richards' front door.
 Breaking up chunks of broken cement blocks.  SUCH a fun job!  :(
Planting avocado trees and other things. Would be great if they've grown and not been eaten by the free-range cows and pigs!
 On a walk.  Can you see the surprise in the tree? Or maybe when we're up close in the pic below?  He's pretty well disguised.

 Kalotap (out of his tree), me, Addy, and Si.  He was getting these tiny baby coconuts down.
 Talking with Isaiah, one of the village leaders.
Some of our village neighbors.
 Our dog, Patches.  We just found out today when we called our local teammate, Philip, that he's still around, just skinny, so that's good!
 On a walk to the creek with mom and dad and the 2 dogs - Patches and Little Buddy.
Pretty cool banyan trees where we live.
 Poor little guy was SUCH a mess when we took him on and started feeding him.  He was doing well when we left but has a bad habit of chasing chickens so not sure if he's going to make it.
He's my favorite.  Cute little guy!
 Grandpa and grandma with the kids in Vila.
 Mom with Gretch and I.
Mom and dad with us.
My sister just had a baby boy this last week in Australia.  My parents were figuring to come back in 2 years to visit again once they saved up some more money.  However, with a new baby (Kaiden), they're hoping to come this next year in 2014.  We'll be able to be much better hosts in the village next time too with (hopefully) a finished house by then!  Yay!

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