Thursday, December 5, 2013

My parents were here! Part 3

Well, it's nearly been 6 months since my parents were with us in Ambrym and Vila, but I've got lots of pics to go through so I might as well start somewhere!  Here's pics of my parents with us in Vila after our time together in Ambrym was over.  We spent a week or so on Ambrym together, then went to Vila for our resupplying time and to rest a bit.
 At the Cascades Waterfall in Vila.  Gorgeous place!
 The Richards family
 Can you see the hands from behind?
 Bird of Paradise flowers
 Trying new things in the dehydrator:  apples, carrots and bananas. Delicious!
It was so helpful to have mom working with us on this (she's taking all the pictures!)
Loads and loads of hamburger (mince).
 Our top restaurant pic in Vila - Chinese!

  Collecting hermit crabs with grandpa and grandma.
 Blue Lagoon an hour or so from Vila.

 Pandanas trees
 Si and Joel
 Fishing from the tree.
 Chopping bait for fishing.
 Hought on the rope to jump in.
 Si jumping in.
 Telling the kids that Gretch is pregnant.
 Purchasing for the village.  Nice to have mom's help!
 Practicing a song for the International church in Vila. 
 My mom threw a joint birthday for everyone.

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